Handbook Of Positive Behavior Support

Handbook Of Positive Behavior Support

A revolution in working with difficult students started during the 1980s, using a dramatic shift away from reliance on just punishing bad behavior to reinforcing desirable, positive behaviors of kids in the classroom. With its base in applied behavior analysis (ABA), positive behavior support (PBS) is a social ecology strategy that continues to play an increasingly integral part in public education in addition to mental health and social providers nationally.

The Handbook of Positive Behavior Support assembles into one succinct volume the many elements of the burgeoning field and arranges them into a strong, dynamic knowledge base — concept, study, and applications. Within its stages, leading specialists, including the key programmers and researchers of PBS: (1) Review the origins, history, and moral foundations of positive behavior support. (2) Report on programs of PBS in early youth and family contexts, from Head Start to boost care to mental health settings to autism treatment plans. (3) Examine school-based PBS utilized to benefit all pupils irrespective of skill or conduct. (5) Provide info and debate on many different topics salient to PBS, including parenting difficulties, staff training, higher school usage, poorly functioning schools, and much more.

This quantity is a vital resource for school-based professionals in addition to clinicians and investigators in the clinical kid, faculty, and instructional psychology.

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