Happiness And Goodness Philosophical Reflections On Living Well

Happiness And Goodness Philosophical Reflections On Living Well

How must we evaluate the success of every person’s existence? Countering the well-known philosophical perspective on the issue, Steven M. Cahn and Christine Vitrano defend the view that our well-being depends now not on precise sports, accomplishments, or awards however on finding private delight while treating others with due concern.


The authors suggest that moral conduct isn’t always necessary for happiness and does now not ensure it. but they also argue that morality and happiness are wanted for dwelling properly, and together suffice to obtain that intention. Cahn and Vitrano hyperlink their role to factors inside both the Hellenistic and Hebraic traditions, particularly the perspectives of Epicurus and instructions observed in the ebook of Ecclesiastes. Written in an available style and illustrated with incisive vignettes drawn from records, literature, films, and everyday life, Happiness, and Goodness are a compelling work of philosophy for everybody who seeks to understand the nature of a very good life.

16 years ago

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