How Languages Work An Introduction To Language And Linguistics

How Languages Work An Introduction To Language And Linguistics

A brand new and exciting creation to linguistics, this textbook gives language in all its wonderful complexity, at the same time as guiding students lightly through the fundamentals. Students emerge with an appreciation of the range of the arena’s languages, as well as a deeper understanding of the shape of human language, the approaches its miles used, and it’s broader social and cultural context.

Chapters introducing the nuts and bolts of language have a look at (phonology, syntax, meaning) are combined with those at the ‘functions’ of language (discourse, prosody, pragmatics, and language contact), helping college students advantage a better hold close of how language works in the real international. A rich set of language ‘profiles’ help students discover the world’s linguistic range, pick out similarities and differences among languages, and encourages them to apply concepts from in advance bankruptcy cloth. More than a few cautiously designed pedagogical capabilities encourage student engagement, adopting a step-via-step technique and the usage of look at questions and case studies.

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